Skillhaus Co-Founder, Chad Balkum, used to live in a 3 bedroom brownstone apartment in Brooklyn with creatives on each floor. Everyone in the building had a different creative skill. When funds were low they would barter skills to get projects off the ground. In 2020 Chad alongside Co-Founder Johnathan Wellington started working on a mobile app that would allow individuals in similar situations to find others to barter skills with & create new lanes of opportunity without relying on traditional means of currency.

We believe that your dreams shouldn't go deferred due to a lack of income or resources. Our mission is to breath new life into the various creative entrepreneurial communities around the world by building an eco-system built on hustle & collaboration.

Conceptualized originally as an idea for a mobile app to barter creative skills. Skillhaus now also produces multimedia content, events & community based workshops.

It's simple, skill for skill.

General Inquiry: hi@skillhaus.xyz