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Creative Lens: Berlin

Creative Lens: Berlin

Creative Lens is a series in which we ask photographers from around the world to photograph & highlight creatives in their city that they feel should be getting more recognition.

Words & Photography by: Zara R.

We asked recently featured Berlin photographer, Zara R., to highlight a few of her favorite creative friends.



I chose $ombi because she sings, produces and is a DJ all at the same time, which is so impressive. I actually sang background for her at some events and I liked her vibe which is kind of spiritual/alternative. She does so much but doesn’t get the attention she deserves yet so I picked her. She is originally from Bonn and moved to Berlin a few years ago where we met through a mutual friend.



A mainly German rapper originally from Cologne but based in Berlin. I also got to know Lex through a mutual friend. I chose him because he is also in the music industry, he raps mostly in German as well. I know he puts a lot of time into his music and feels he is underrepresented in the Berlin scene.

German Rapper Lexx6000

Noor & Nadine


Two friends who have their own little shea butter business straight from Africa. Also based in Berlin. Noor is actually my roommate and I got to know her because we participated in a project for the African diaspora in Berlin. She grew up partly between Germany & Cameroon then moved back to Germany when she was 18 by herself. She and Nadine both have their shea butter business. Nadine loves to cook and Noor also takes analog pictures. I also feel that they need more visibility so I picked them for the shoot.